Monday, April 23, 2012


Life can sure throw a kink in your plans.  Holly won't be able to do the booth which means I can't do it.  Thinking about what to do now.  Frustrated beyond words!  Might put some in my Etsy shop.  We will see!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A little of this. A lot of that!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything.
I am in the process of adding new pieces to my jewelry collection.  Jeanette gave me a large bag of beads and other "jewelry-making" stuff.  It has given me a renewed desire to work with beads and such.  I am planning on having a booth at Fisher Sawmill Days in May.  I have never done one there and hope it works out for me.  Holly and I are planning on having one together.  I hope she doesn't back out.  Annette has also said she will help me.  I also hope to have a booth at the Fair Grounds a couple of times this Summer.  I need to try to make some cards, too.  I hope to order some card sleeves for the cards.  I want to get the kind that lets the buyer see the complete card w/o taking it out of the sleeve.  I think that it will make the cards look more professional and hopefully generate more sales!  Here are some pieces I have made so far.

Sharon & Doug gave me a $50 e-card from Amazon for my birthday.  I had a blast shopping and deciding what to buy.  I ended up buying the DVD "Courageous"(awesome), Robin Cook's book Intervention, and a candle making kit I have been wanting.  I haven't made any candles yet, but plan on trying to have some to sell @ Fisher.  We will see!

I just finished reading John Grisham's book; Rainmaker.  I could really relate to it more than any other of his books that I have read so far.  It is about health insurance and how they rip people off.  I am always having "issues" with Medicaid.  I wish I could afford my own health insurance ( better yet, pay out of pocket), but that isn't an option.  I doubt any other insurance would even take me.  I have started Robin Cook's book  Intervention.  Haven't read enough to get a good grasp on what is going to happen.  I love his books, but some of them have "scared" me because I know they can and probably have taken place in real life.

I am so looking forward to church Sunday!  We are having a preacher come in view of a call.  This is the first one since Bro. Wayne resigned almost 2 years ago.  I will always love and miss Bro. Wayne and Kathy, but it is time for our church to move forward.  Bro. Bill and Mrs. Jeanette have been wonderful and have helped our church to heal.  But, they are tired and ready to have a break from us.  I am glad we will have a chance to hear Bro. Marvin 3x's before voting.  He is a "Cajun" from south Louisiana.  Right now, he is associate pastor at a huge church in Lafayette.  His wife (Mona) teaches Special Ed.  They say they are "country people" that happen to be in a large church.  She has already been promised a job here if they move here.  He will be a "full time pastor".  I am ok with him not being bi-vocational since he has actually worked in the public before and in fact, retired from the DOTD where he was over some part of it.  I think a pastor makes a better one when he has done something else to earn a living before that.