Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Giveaway!

This giveaway will begin July 1st.  I will post reminders.  But, you don't want to miss this one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pearl's Manicure and Pedicure

I finally cornered Pearl in the bedroom and worked on her claws.  Poor baby, she acted like I was cutting her leg off but never even whimpered.  I got a little cut off of each I think.  I am afraid of cutting them too short and hurting her.  I desperately need to make some sales so I can afford to take her to the vet.  And I can afford to get my hair cut.  It is so long and hot!
I am so pleased with the way my first canvas drawing turned out.  Now, I need some unscented hairspray to set it so it won't smudge.  Haven't decided whether to put up for sell or not.  Just because I like it doesn't mean it is really any good.  I know it isn't as good as a lot of people on etsy.  But, I haven't really been trying my hand at drawing for very long.  I would love to take some art classes just for fun.  Nothing too demanding, just to get ideas and suggestions on ways to improve my attempts.  No nude people, though!  Afraid they might ask me to take a turn at posing and that would be a disaster!  I would just like to learn to sketch faces and hands.  I would love to also take a photography class and a jewelry class.  I just love learning new things.  That is kind of my "bucket list".  I just want to learn something new every day as long as my brain is working.
Daddy's only living sister called this evening.  She is the baby out of 9 children.  Aunt Mary has Alzheimer and sometimes forgets who she is talking to almost immediately.  Tonight was bad.  Made me so sad because I miss Daddy and Mama so much.  I have no one to talk to about Daddy when he was younger.
That is why I want to try and record as many memories of Mama as everyone can tell me.  I am still waiting on some people to tell me their memories.
Guess I need to remind them.
Someone on Etsy sent me some beautiful blue beads for free because she is closing that shop.  I am trying to decide what I want to make with them.
I was looking at what is "Hot" this season and it is the big holed beads on the chain.  I love the look and want to order some.  I made a wish list that totaled about $200.  Better get busy and do some huge sales. 
So, if you have read this far Thanks and hurry over to my shop and buy something!  :D!

Doodler's Challenge

Ok, since I flaked out and didn't do the first challenge I was determined to do the next.  The challenge was "Midnight in the garden of good and evil".  Here is my interpretation of that!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TMJ & Dentists

Why is it when I have nothing soft to eat in the house I wake up with a severe case of TMJ?  Even swallowing my spit hurts.  Every time I have a flair up of this I think about the dentist who caused it to start in the first place.  If I had been one to sue, I would have sued him and probably would have won my case.  He and his staff were negligent in leaving the impression in my mouth until it had to be pried out by him.  And he almost did not get it out himself.  Of course,  when I called him the next day about how badly my jaw hurt, he became defensive and said; "I hope you aren't blaming me for it!".  Funny, I had never had this kind of problem before your stunt.  Is it any wonder I do not trust dentists?!  My fear of dentists started when I was little and a dentist tried to put both of his big hands in my little mouth.  I should have bit his hand!  It would have served him right.  I also remember him yelling at my dear Daddy about giving me too much candy was the reason my teeth were so bad.  The truth was my bad teeth were a result of all of the medications I had to take for asthma and related illnesses and having Mama's genes for bad teeth.

I am working on a new item that I plan on adding to my shop eventually.  I am doodling (drawing) aceo cards.  I have one done and I am working on a second one in answer to a challenge on the Doodlers team.  I know what I want it to look like.  It is just a matter of getting it to look like it.  The challenge is something about good vs evil in the garden at midnight.  I am trying to show Heaven and Hell.  I about have Hell right, now working on Heaven.  It isn't as easy for me to draw as it may be for some of you.  I am not very good, but I love playing around with it.  And that is what it is all about.

My dear friend Annette starts chemo Friday.  I love her so much and wish I could make it all go away for her and Dawson.  The good news is that Dawson is tolerating this new chemo better.  It isn't making him sick this time.  I just pray it is killing the cancer cells.  He is such a sweetheart.  Always ready with a smile, hug and "I love you!" he has stolen the hearts of so many people!
I am still wanting to do some craft fairs, but have yet to find someone to help me.  Sad when you offer to pay a kid and he would rather stay broke than to help his own family. 
Wish I knew someone to share a booth with that would be willing to let me ride with them and help me set the table up.  I could put the things on it and all that.  I just need a ride and someone to carry the stuff to the site for me.  So discouraged because I am not getting many sales.  I still believe God is in me keeping my 'net and shop, I just wish I could understand why.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check them out. *** *** *** ****

Rain Rain Rain

After what seems like months we finally got some rain and looks promising for some more.  Thanking the Good Lord because it had become dangerously dry.
I am hosting a 3rd giveaway.  This time for a pretty little blue and gold bracelet.  If you haven't entered, it isn't too late.
Here is the link:
Please like my page if you haven't done so.  Keep checking my page for new giveaways.  You never know what I might offer next.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't forget!

I am hosting a giveaway on my FB page. is the link.  Enter for a chance to win a bracelet.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Giveaway

Please "like" my FB page if you haven't already when you enter.  You do not have to in order to win, but I will return the favor if you do so.  Good Luck!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A New Item Mini Flipflop Cards

Busy Busy Busy!

Thanks to some great friends, I finally got my storage building cleaned out and discovered some real treasures in the process.  I am going to pass on some of those treasures to you.  I am selling Neil Diamond cassette tapes, Ronnie Milsap tapes and books. 
In the meantime, check out these latest items in my shop!
 Check out my shop using the link below!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Friends

I am so blessed to have some great friends.  They came and cleaned my yard.  Curtis even mowed for me.  With all they have on their minds and plates they took the time to help me out.  Dorothy helped me clean my storage building out and even hauled a truck load of junk to the dump.
You will find I am adding many vintage items from my purging to my etsy shop.
I am also hosting a giveaway for a free photo magnet.
Just click this link:
If you share the link and your friend wins so do you.  Your magnet will have a different photo on it but, will be of equal quality and value.
Please "like" my FB page if you haven't already.  I will return the favor.  Please note, I do not support shops which carry "mature" items or items I find offensive, so please don't ask.  I will be doing more giveaways from time to time so. check back here and on FB to keep up with them.  I am planning a giveaway for a bracelet and possibly an 8x10 photo, depending on my responses to my shop in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giveaways Are Happening!!!

The above link is for 1 photo magnet from my shop.  The photo is of an antique car.  Fun to give to a car buff or for yourself.  Put it on your fridge to hold important reminders or your child's latest masterpiece.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confused and Frustrated!

Here is the deal!  I went to Penny Pinching Polly's Fan Page on FB and liked her.  She is suppose to help draw fans to your page.  She also led me to HooplaSoft Giveaway, which is a site that helps you get fans by promoting your giveaways.
If you are still reading, thanks. 
The problem I am having is knowing how to promote the giveaways I have going.  I don't know what link I am suppose to use.  I put in a cry for help.  Hope someone answers soon.  :/  In the meantime, I will let you know I will be giving away some photo magnets over the next few days.

New Items

I have added 2 new sets of mini cards today.  Check them out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

God's Goodness

I have said often that I opened my shop on etsy because I felt led by God to do so.  When I thought I would have to close it because I couldn't afford the nearly $50 a month internet fee, I didn't know what God was wanting me to do.  Was He telling me that it was time to close it?  Was He not happy with what I had done or perhaps not done?  I have prayed and asked God to help me see clearly what He wants for me at this time in my life.  I called to disconnect my service today and the lady I talked to was able to lower my payments to $20.  I feel like God is giving me a second chance here.  I am going to do my very best to honor Him with every item I put in my shop and trust Him to sell it in His perfect timing.
I pray that He will help me not to give up or get discouraged.