Saturday, July 7, 2012

It is hot and dry here.  We got a very small shower y'day.  It looked promising at first with lots of wind.  Wind makes me nervous ever since the tornado that came through here a year ago last April.
Daisy couldn't quiet understand the wind and hid under my feet while I sat in the carport.   She is growing and learning new things to do.  She just about has the command "Sit" mastered and we are working on "heel" and "shake".  I think she may still be a little too young to totally get it.  But, we are working on it a little several times a day.  She is doing better about the crate and settles down faster every night.  It breaks my heart to listen to her cry, but I know it is for her own good that she learns how to calm her self down.  The next time I go to town I will look for her a "crate mate" to sleep with.  Maybe a stuffed animal or something.
She and Boomer don't get along very well.  I am afraid Boomer will hurt her.  Seriously thinking about getting rid of Boomer.  I am afraid he is going to make me fall because he runs in every time I open the door.  And will eat Daisy's food if I forget to pick up before opening the door.
This video shows Daisy playing with her favorite toy.  Even though some "experts" say not to give puppies ropes because it encourages biting.  Not sure I agree with that.

All played out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life With Daisy

Last Friday cousin Don took me to the Sabine Humane Society and I adopted Daisy!  She is 6 week old Jack Russell/Pug and she stole my heart from the minute I saw her on the website:  I had been "haunting" the site since soon after I decided Pearl was gone for good.  I had a list of the ones I wanted to consider.  I decided to look just once more and there was Daisy.  She had just come in and I fell hopelessly in love with her.  She is 6 weeks old and is a sweet little ball of energy.
Right now she is curled up asleep on my feet.  Soon she will be running everywhere!  She does not like her crate but, she will eventually adjust to it.  At least I hope so!
The humane society has lots of dogs and cats that need a forever home.  They also have horses.  To adopt a dog is $75, cats is $50 and horses cost $100.  The cost covers shots/micro chipping, spaying/neutering and micro chipping.  These animals need and deserve loving forever homes.  Check them out!