Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's been a while since I have update every thing, mainly because there has been nothing much going on.  My injured wrist is still hurting.  I have it wrapped right now  trying to keep it from bending.
Caught a cold I guess at our New Year's Eve Singing at church.  Still coughing and head still congested.  I really need to get busy making jewelry and cards, but just have not felt inspired to do anything but laze around.
Don and Debbie ganged up on me a couple of weeks ago when Debbie took me to get my hair and nails done.  Don was waiting for me when we got back.  They keep trying to get me to move into the Senior Apts. in town.  I don't how many times or ways I have to say it before they will understand I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN TOWN!!!   ESPECIALLY IN THE APARTMENTS!!!  I know they mean well and think they know what is "best" for me.  Debbie says I would be safer.  Don says it would be easier to check on me.  I feel perfectly safe here and not afraid to sit outside.  I seldom had anyone check on Mama and I when we lived in town, except for Home Health.  And I don't want people coming and "checking" on me all the time.
I love living alone most of the time.  I sleep and eat when I want to and for the most part do whatever I want to when and if I get the urge.
I just wish people understood that.

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