Thursday, October 18, 2012


Daisy turned 5 months old today.  It is so hard to believe I have had her for almost 4 months.  She has grown so much and I think prettier every day.  I love the little stinker even if Housebreaking is not going so well.  I tell myself to keep at it and she will learn "Mama is the boss and if I don't mind I get punished!".
Tuesday,Bro. Marvin, Alan Small, Cody Goodrich and myself left early heading to Lafayette First Baptist to meet with a friend of Bro. Marvin's who taught us how to set up a website for Alford Heights.  It was a gorgeous day and very productive.

I got a great shot of the sunrise and another one of the clouds.  God definitely gave me more than enough reasons to get up so early!
It was a long day, tho.  I got home less than an hour before leaving for Natchitoches for Ladies Night Out @ Trinity Baptist Church in Natchitoches.  It was a wonderful program.  The guest speaker was both funny and inspiring.  I would have loved to sit and talk to her.
Went to bed exhausted that night, but it was so worth it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Glass Butterfly

I am currently reading The Glass Butterfly by Louise Marley.  I won it on  It is proving to be really good.

So, we are finally going to go to Lafayette to learn how to set up a website.  I am looking forward to it.  May even learn enough to set my personal one up again.  We will leave early Tuesday and come back the same day.  I need to see if Liz can come by and let Daisy out to potty when she goes out to take the boys to school and then when she takes Peyton his lunch and after school.  No idea what time we will get home.

I just remembered something!  Tuesday night is Ladies Night out in Natchitoches, I think.  Oh well, it will all work out somehow.

Off to read!