Friday, December 7, 2012


So, Daisy decides she needs to go potty.  I hook her leash and we go outside.  I sit in my usual spot and release the lock on Daisy's leash so she can go out in the yard.  I wasn't paying attention to her and didn't realize something had grabbed her attention behind the house.  All of a sudden she takes off at full speed behind the house.  My wrist hits the edge of the metal arm of the chair full force!  Yep, it hurt like the dickens.  I really thought it was broke.  A giant goose egg popped up on it and the ends of fingers felt weird.
And to top it off, Daisy wouldn't come back when I called and I couldn't see her.  My wrist was hurting too badly to try and walk to the back to see if I could spot her.  I was just about to call Liz for help when I heard Daisy running back to me, dragging her leash behind her.  I am so thankful she did come back on her own and didn't get her leash tangled up somewhere.  I have no clue what she was chasing or how far she went.  I didn't have my glasses on.  The egg went away on my wrist pretty soon.  Now it is just swollen a little and still hurts like the dickens when moved wrong or touched.

On a bright note, Daisy is finally starting to do her pottying outside!  Yahoo!