Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts and Feelings

I added a new item to my shop this afternoon.  It is a collection of Elvis albums.  You will receive 4 different 33s.  Here is the link:  It includes comments from fans, Elvis' father and much more!  Check it out.
Well, unless something drastic happens to stop me, I will be putting my shop on vacation starting the first week of June and I am not sure when it will reopen.  I will also be without internet during that time but, hope to be able to update blog ever once in awhile.
Lack of sales and little income is causing me to have to cut back on "luxeries" such as internet.  Once I have paid off some bills (if I live that long), I will be back with many new items for my shop.
In the meantime, use Vacation20 for 20% off in my shop from now until June 3rd.  Please let your friends know!

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Items In My Shop!

I have ideas for some fun new projects.  I hope to start adding more new items daily.  We will see how that works out.
I have so many ideas for different items, but I need $$$ to buy the supplies. 
I still believe God wanted me to open my shop to be a witness for Him.  I also know that I can do nothing without Him.  My prayer is that He will lead in the right direction in my life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still at it

I have yet to figure out how to set it up for followers can do so through their e mail.  I see other blogs that have it and mine says that I do, but my followers say "No".  So, if you are reading this and can tell me what I am doing wrong, please leave me a comment.
I haven't made any new items for my shop lately.  I am having a creative block.  Well, that isn't exactly it.  I have ideas but, can't seem to get them to flow like they should.  I think another part of it is that sales are so slow right now.  I was hoping to get a few custom orders for "Thank You" cards from graduates.  Do people even send Thank You cards anymore?  Or do they just send a generic mass e mail or FB post to thank people?  I would be very unhappy if I spent my time and money picking out a gift and getting it to that person and then receive a e mail or FB Thank You that was sent to everyone else.
I remember when I graduated from high school and college both, I sat down and hand wrote Thank You cards to everyone who sent me or brought me a gift no matter how large or small.  Does anyone still do this?  Or am I wasting my time making Thank You cards?  Something for me to consider.
If I can ever get enough money in my PayPal, I have plans to add another type of art to my shop.  But, I will have to wait until I can afford to get supplies and then practice first.  I have so many artsy things I want to try and each one is a little more expensive than the one before it.
If you haven't checked out my latest Treasuries and BNR please do so.  Some great shops are featured!  If you visit, please let me know you did by either commenting there or here!  Thanks!  Here are the links:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Storage Building

I went out to get the mail and stopped to check out how badly the stuff in my storage building were messed up.  I can't even get the door open!  Guess I will have to wait on help.  I am anxious to empty it and maybe sell it for scrap metal.
I suppose if I was smart, I would find a way to make something out of all that twisted up metal.  Can't imagine what it would be though.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Item In My Shop

These are perfect to hold a photo or a recipe card. 
Keep checking my shop.  I am always adding new items.  Graduations are coming up.  Check out my shop for a nice piece of jewelry for the graduate.  Weddings are happening and I would love a chance to custom make jewelry for the bridal party.
Remember for your cards and gift ideas!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Check them out! ****** **** ****** *****

April 26 - 27, 2011 Tornado

Late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning I woke up to thunder and lightening.  Then it got very quite and still.  Suddenly I heard a loud roar followed by a crash and the roar got louder.  Pearl was asleep beside me and woke up and jumped on me trying to get away from the sound.  I knew what I was hearing was a tornado.  I put my leg on and told Pearl we needed to move away from the windows.  I went in the living room and got as far from the windows as I could without going in the laundry room.  I did pull a chair in there just in case I needed it.  A few hours later when it seemed like everything was over, I went back to bed.  A couple of hours later, Liz and the boys were banging on my front door and yelling.  I got up and went to the door.  When I opened it, Liz, Brady, Peyton and Adam were standing there shaking.  My yard was destroyed.  I was totally blocked in because of fallen trees.  Liz and the boys had managed to climb over the trees to check on me.  She said their yard was bad, too.  But, no real house damage for either of us and we were all still alive.
I had known when I heard one of the crashes that it was a tree that belonged to my neighbor.  I thank God it snapped off where it did or it would have landed in my house.  This guy knows he has several trees next to my yard that need cutting.  He hasn't done it yet and it has been years.  The tree took out my storage shed.  I will need to go through and see if anything can be saved.  Some of the stuff is Liz's and Chris has stuff in it too.