Friday, December 7, 2012


So, Daisy decides she needs to go potty.  I hook her leash and we go outside.  I sit in my usual spot and release the lock on Daisy's leash so she can go out in the yard.  I wasn't paying attention to her and didn't realize something had grabbed her attention behind the house.  All of a sudden she takes off at full speed behind the house.  My wrist hits the edge of the metal arm of the chair full force!  Yep, it hurt like the dickens.  I really thought it was broke.  A giant goose egg popped up on it and the ends of fingers felt weird.
And to top it off, Daisy wouldn't come back when I called and I couldn't see her.  My wrist was hurting too badly to try and walk to the back to see if I could spot her.  I was just about to call Liz for help when I heard Daisy running back to me, dragging her leash behind her.  I am so thankful she did come back on her own and didn't get her leash tangled up somewhere.  I have no clue what she was chasing or how far she went.  I didn't have my glasses on.  The egg went away on my wrist pretty soon.  Now it is just swollen a little and still hurts like the dickens when moved wrong or touched.

On a bright note, Daisy is finally starting to do her pottying outside!  Yahoo!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A bit of this and that.

The day after Thanksgiving and it is cold and dreary.  I certainly don't envy those crazy people who spent all night and are at it again buying stuff that they think they have to have for Christmas.  I have never ventured out for Black Friday and don't plan on starting anytime soon.

I don't know if Daisy is feeling bad or it is just the weather but, she is curled up on my bed like she is sick.  She didn't eat much of her morning food.  She usually gobbles it down and scrounges around on the floor to see if I dropped a crumb or two.  She was spayed Monday, so that may be part of it.

I am currently reading Hitmail Dot Com by Russell Turney.  It is different from anything I have ever read before that I can remember.  It has evil spirits and psychics, among other weird things.  It is taking me a while to read it because it is slow reading.  I am only about half way through it.  And it is getting complicated but, I think I am following what the author is saying.  I guess I will know if my hunch is right when I finish it!

I finished reading the Bible through in a year (actually, I started on January 1st of this year) this morning.  One verse spoke to me this morning.  It is what I have said often over the last few years.  Isn't it funny and yet awesome how God works?  This is what I read: "He (God) will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death, sadness, crying or pain.  All the old ways are gone."  Revelation 21:4 NCV  Are you ready for that day?  I know "I will be somewhere listening".

Family and others.  I know they mean well when they try to convince me to move to town.  I wish they could understand how happy I am finally!  I love being back home and believe this is truly where I belong.  I love sitting outside and watching nature.  I got the biggest kick yesterday while sitting outside watching the leaves in all different colors "raining" down all around me.  If the leaves had been actual rain, I would have been soaked!  The entire time I was living in town, I never felt comfortable/safe to sit outside.  I felt safe inside behind locked doors but, not to sit outside for any length of time.  Why can't people get that if I die here, I will die happy in the place I want to be.  I pray the next address for my body will be @ Mt. Carmel Cemetery!

I am hoping to find a carpenter who won't want an arm and leg to replace the eaves of the house next month.  I will start Monday calling and getting price quotes.  I really have no idea what a fair price would be.  Guess I will know more when I get a couple of quotes.

Sharon and Doug sent me a check to pay for the shingles shot.  I may try and get it next week if I am feeling better.  This crud still has me having fits of coughing.  The cough sounds terrible, but don't think I am contagious.  Hope to make it to church Sunday if the weather will cooperate.  I feel like it has been a month since I have been and I only missed one Sunday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Daisy turned 5 months old today.  It is so hard to believe I have had her for almost 4 months.  She has grown so much and I think prettier every day.  I love the little stinker even if Housebreaking is not going so well.  I tell myself to keep at it and she will learn "Mama is the boss and if I don't mind I get punished!".
Tuesday,Bro. Marvin, Alan Small, Cody Goodrich and myself left early heading to Lafayette First Baptist to meet with a friend of Bro. Marvin's who taught us how to set up a website for Alford Heights.  It was a gorgeous day and very productive.

I got a great shot of the sunrise and another one of the clouds.  God definitely gave me more than enough reasons to get up so early!
It was a long day, tho.  I got home less than an hour before leaving for Natchitoches for Ladies Night Out @ Trinity Baptist Church in Natchitoches.  It was a wonderful program.  The guest speaker was both funny and inspiring.  I would have loved to sit and talk to her.
Went to bed exhausted that night, but it was so worth it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Glass Butterfly

I am currently reading The Glass Butterfly by Louise Marley.  I won it on  It is proving to be really good.

So, we are finally going to go to Lafayette to learn how to set up a website.  I am looking forward to it.  May even learn enough to set my personal one up again.  We will leave early Tuesday and come back the same day.  I need to see if Liz can come by and let Daisy out to potty when she goes out to take the boys to school and then when she takes Peyton his lunch and after school.  No idea what time we will get home.

I just remembered something!  Tuesday night is Ladies Night out in Natchitoches, I think.  Oh well, it will all work out somehow.

Off to read!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cell Phone Woes

My not-so-sweet-fur-baby, Daisy chewed the end off of the charger for my phone a couple of weeks ago.  I ordered a new one from Amazon.  It was the wrong one.  So, I ordered a second one.  It came today and guess what!  Yep, the exact same charger as the first one.  I am about ready to pull my hair out or scream one.  I don't know what else I can do. I guess I will try to take it to Fred's or the Dollar store and see if they might have one that will work.

Daisy is still not housebroken.  She poops wherever she happens to be and shows no remorse when I am cleaning it up.  Most of the time she will pee on the pad or outside.  Why she won't poop is beyond frustrating me.

Trying also to break her of scratching me to get my attention or when she wants to play.  I have tried ignoring her and moving away and she just comes back harder.  I have swatted her and got nowhere.  Now, I am trying sending her to her room.  I have e mailed Bro. Wayne for advice since he has raised Jack Russell/Rat Terriers.  I thought maybe he would have some words of wisdom.

Another one of my won books from came today.  Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan  The blurb about sounded interesting so I entered to win an advanced copy.  Right now I am reading Dancing Dogs by Jon Katz.  It is another advanced read copy that I won.  It's a pretty good collection of short stories about dogs.

I am enjoying discovering new and new-to-me authors via

Daisy is sitting in my lap now.  Hard to believe how much she has grown since I adopted her.  She will be 4 months old tomorrow.  Wow!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daisy's 2nd Visit With Dr. Bob

So, yesterday was Daisy's second visit with Dr. Bob.  She did much better this time.  She only whimpered a little when he got a stool sample and then again once when he was trimming her nails.  She 2 shots and will go back in 3 weeks for another shot.  She is up to 9.6 #'s and is doing great.  The ringworm is almost gone.  But, Dr. Bob did say to keep treating her for it.  Got tickled at Dr. Bob misunderstanding me about the shampoo he gave me to use on Daisy.  I asked him if he had ever used it himself meaning on an animal.  He thought I meant had he ever bathed or shampooed himself with it.  :D  I cleared it up quickly and told him about finding out the hard way that it doesn't really lather much.  I used way too much and nearly never got it all rinsed out.  To make it worse, Daisy's coat seems to hold the soap.  She did better with her bath last time, though.  She only got impatient when it was taking too long to get the soap off of her.  I will have to remember to not use as much next time.

Gave her the heart-worm pill yesterday.  So glad she took it w/o a fight.  She just crunched it up like it was treat.  Glad the makers of it made it tasty to dogs!  Will find out how expensive they are when I take her in next time.  That one was free.  It is probably going to be high $ because it takes care of all of it; fleas, ticks, worms of all kinds.  I may have to see if Dr. Bob will sell me one a month.  Oh well, I will worry about it later.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


God answers prayers!  I prayed that God would protect me and Daisy and my house from the storm.  Not only did He do that, He fixed my oven through it!  Sometime during the night the electricity went off and when it came back on it reset my oven and it no longer flashed "F10" and is now working again!  Thanking God for His never ending mercy.  He knew that I can't afford to have the oven worked on never mind buying a new one!
Pretty amazing how He takes care of His children, huh?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I accidentally dropped a Lanoxin pill last night and of course it rolled.  And of course Daisy pounced on it.  I managed to convince her to drop it instead of eating it, thank God!  I don't know what it would have done to her, but I am sure it would not have been good!

She is always finding something to get into that I have no idea where she got it.  She had a watch, chewing on the band yesterday.  The last time I had seen it was when I laid it on my TV tray.  She is as mischievous as a 2 year old human baby!  But, I love her!  Just wish she would start pooping on the pad or better yet, outside!

I can tell the weather is about to do something because my chest feels tight.  Peyton had his sweat test today but, they won't get the results for a few days.  He is all choked up this evening, too.  I wish they find out what is wrong with him and how to treat it.  Poor kid has so many health issues.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Issac

Tropical Storm Issac has a lot of people in panic mode.  I am not all that worried about it.  I just hope we actually get some rain from it.  It's so dry here and my grass is dying.  On the bright side, maybe it won't need to be mowed again but maybe once for this year.

I stepped out on faith and agreed to set up a website and Facebook page for church.  Bro. Marvin assured me that I will be trained to do the website and that it is actually easy.  We will see!

My oven is flashing "F 10" and not working.  I was going to unplug and plug it back in but I can't get to the plug.  I hope that I can get someone who can reach it.  I want to at least try that before doing anything else.  The manual says that it is possibly a part (don't remember which) has gone bad.  Always something around here!  First my computer and now the oven!

Keep smiling!  It will make those who hate you miserable to know you are happy!  Read that on Facebook and thought it was cute and true!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Daisy Take A Bath

So, Dr. Bob said to give Daisy a bath 2x a week with the medicated shampoo.  Today was the fourth shampooing.  I thought maybe she would be use to it by now.  That's what I get for thinking!  You would have thought I was drowning her from the crying and trying to get away from me.  To make matters worse, the direction say to leave on for 5 Minutes!  Those are the longest minutes of the day.  :(  Then comes the rinsing.  I used more shampoo than I needed to because it wasn't lathering up like it needed to be.  It felt like I never would get her rinsed off.  Try holding a squirming puppy by the collar, pour water all over her, rubbing to make sure the shampoo is out all the time telling her it is going to be ok.  Loads of fun!  Then after I took my bath, I had to put the ointment on the sore places.  Yet another battle!  They are looking much better, so all of the work is worth it.
Day 3 of not seeing the cat.  Think he may be gone for good.  I didn't want anything bad to happen to him, but glad he is gone.  It saves me the trouble of getting rid of him.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life With Daisy

Daisy went to the shelter last Friday for another one of her "baby" shots and then to Dr. Bob because she has some sore places on her leg, face and under one arm.  Turns out to be ring worm.  Ugh!  More than likely got it from the cat.  So, $96+ later I have shampoo, pills and ointment to treat her and the cat with every day and shampoo 2x a week.  I think (and hope) the cat is gone.  I haven't seen him for over 24 hours.  It will save me the hassle of getting someone to take him to the shelter.  I am afraid either he or Daisy will get hurt the way they rough house.  Not to mention I can't afford both of them!  And he is bad about laying down right where I am trying to walk.  I have almost fallen because of him.  He runs in every time the door is open.
Daisy is suppose to be a Jack Russell/Pug.  Sometimes I see Pug in her and other times not so much.  Doesn't matter to me!  She is cute and sweet and smart.  That's all that counts!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It is hot and dry here.  We got a very small shower y'day.  It looked promising at first with lots of wind.  Wind makes me nervous ever since the tornado that came through here a year ago last April.
Daisy couldn't quiet understand the wind and hid under my feet while I sat in the carport.   She is growing and learning new things to do.  She just about has the command "Sit" mastered and we are working on "heel" and "shake".  I think she may still be a little too young to totally get it.  But, we are working on it a little several times a day.  She is doing better about the crate and settles down faster every night.  It breaks my heart to listen to her cry, but I know it is for her own good that she learns how to calm her self down.  The next time I go to town I will look for her a "crate mate" to sleep with.  Maybe a stuffed animal or something.
She and Boomer don't get along very well.  I am afraid Boomer will hurt her.  Seriously thinking about getting rid of Boomer.  I am afraid he is going to make me fall because he runs in every time I open the door.  And will eat Daisy's food if I forget to pick up before opening the door.
This video shows Daisy playing with her favorite toy.  Even though some "experts" say not to give puppies ropes because it encourages biting.  Not sure I agree with that.

All played out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life With Daisy

Last Friday cousin Don took me to the Sabine Humane Society and I adopted Daisy!  She is 6 week old Jack Russell/Pug and she stole my heart from the minute I saw her on the website:  I had been "haunting" the site since soon after I decided Pearl was gone for good.  I had a list of the ones I wanted to consider.  I decided to look just once more and there was Daisy.  She had just come in and I fell hopelessly in love with her.  She is 6 weeks old and is a sweet little ball of energy.
Right now she is curled up asleep on my feet.  Soon she will be running everywhere!  She does not like her crate but, she will eventually adjust to it.  At least I hope so!
The humane society has lots of dogs and cats that need a forever home.  They also have horses.  To adopt a dog is $75, cats is $50 and horses cost $100.  The cost covers shots/micro chipping, spaying/neutering and micro chipping.  These animals need and deserve loving forever homes.  Check them out!

Friday, May 11, 2012


A week ago today, Pearl wandered off and hasn't been found yet.  I still don't know how she got past me and Aunt Ernestine.  The last time I saw her she was rooting around in the laundry room looking for the dog food I had tossed on the floor to get her to go in there.  I shut the door and put a chair against it.  When I got home she was gone.  Carolyn Davis' grandson had played with her and then chased her back this way.  No one has seen her since.  I have called all of the neighbors and everyone is keeping and eye out for her.  I called both Dr. Bob and the other vet, the shelter here and asked that a girl I know that volunteers at the one in Natchitoches keep an eye out for her.  I posted it on FB.  I just wish I knew how she managed to get out w/o me knowing it and what has happened to her.  I miss her so much it hurts.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Life can sure throw a kink in your plans.  Holly won't be able to do the booth which means I can't do it.  Thinking about what to do now.  Frustrated beyond words!  Might put some in my Etsy shop.  We will see!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A little of this. A lot of that!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything.
I am in the process of adding new pieces to my jewelry collection.  Jeanette gave me a large bag of beads and other "jewelry-making" stuff.  It has given me a renewed desire to work with beads and such.  I am planning on having a booth at Fisher Sawmill Days in May.  I have never done one there and hope it works out for me.  Holly and I are planning on having one together.  I hope she doesn't back out.  Annette has also said she will help me.  I also hope to have a booth at the Fair Grounds a couple of times this Summer.  I need to try to make some cards, too.  I hope to order some card sleeves for the cards.  I want to get the kind that lets the buyer see the complete card w/o taking it out of the sleeve.  I think that it will make the cards look more professional and hopefully generate more sales!  Here are some pieces I have made so far.

Sharon & Doug gave me a $50 e-card from Amazon for my birthday.  I had a blast shopping and deciding what to buy.  I ended up buying the DVD "Courageous"(awesome), Robin Cook's book Intervention, and a candle making kit I have been wanting.  I haven't made any candles yet, but plan on trying to have some to sell @ Fisher.  We will see!

I just finished reading John Grisham's book; Rainmaker.  I could really relate to it more than any other of his books that I have read so far.  It is about health insurance and how they rip people off.  I am always having "issues" with Medicaid.  I wish I could afford my own health insurance ( better yet, pay out of pocket), but that isn't an option.  I doubt any other insurance would even take me.  I have started Robin Cook's book  Intervention.  Haven't read enough to get a good grasp on what is going to happen.  I love his books, but some of them have "scared" me because I know they can and probably have taken place in real life.

I am so looking forward to church Sunday!  We are having a preacher come in view of a call.  This is the first one since Bro. Wayne resigned almost 2 years ago.  I will always love and miss Bro. Wayne and Kathy, but it is time for our church to move forward.  Bro. Bill and Mrs. Jeanette have been wonderful and have helped our church to heal.  But, they are tired and ready to have a break from us.  I am glad we will have a chance to hear Bro. Marvin 3x's before voting.  He is a "Cajun" from south Louisiana.  Right now, he is associate pastor at a huge church in Lafayette.  His wife (Mona) teaches Special Ed.  They say they are "country people" that happen to be in a large church.  She has already been promised a job here if they move here.  He will be a "full time pastor".  I am ok with him not being bi-vocational since he has actually worked in the public before and in fact, retired from the DOTD where he was over some part of it.  I think a pastor makes a better one when he has done something else to earn a living before that. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Books Books & More Books

I finished Angels Fall this evening.  The story and plot line were good and kept me guessing almost to the end.  I would have enjoyed it more if the author hadn't felt it necessary to use so much profanity, even when it served no real purpose to the story line.  I have started reading Ruth Bell Graham and Ruth Graham's books ( 2 volumes in 1).  I can't remember the exact titles right now, but I am looking forward to reading them.  Maybe it will give me a new perspective on an issue I am dealing with right now.
I am enjoying rediscovering reading.  Nice change of pace.  Might even inspire to write that book I have thought about over the years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Road Kill

I went to see my Jack last Thursday afternoon, suspecting I had pneumonia.  It turns out I have Bronchitis.  In his words; "Not pneumonia, yet."  Got a strong antibiotic, Tessalon Perles for the cough, otc Mussinex to break the crud up and a shot of steroid to help my arthritis and lungs.  I still feel like road kill.  So tired of being sick!
Also, tired of feeling like my family is treating me like last week's garbage.  Ready to trade them for a new family.  I am just tire of feeling left out.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Family and life

I don't know if it is just because my back and TMJ are really hurting and have been for a few days is the reason I am feeling used and taken advantage of my a family member.  I don't like people to ignore me like I don't exist.  It's bad enough when I am not included in holiday gatherings or major milestones in their life.  But, when they don't return phone calls or FB messages I get really ticked!  That's ok, though.  One day they will look back and see who was really in their corner and wish they hadn't treated me like crap!
I know one thing for sure and that is God loves me!  I also know Pearl does too!  She is the best listener I know!
My two new fur babies are settling in fine.  I just wish they would start getting rid of the mice.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Family Members

I have been fighting a mice epidemic for several weeks now.  I have tried different types of traps with no real success.  So, a friend brought 2 cats.  They are brothers and beautiful cats.  They have been here for a day now and haven't made an effort to catch a mouse yet.  I am hoping they will settle in and start catching them soon.  I haven't seen a mouse since they got here, but I hear one every once in a while.  I am so sick of cleaning up after them.  Washing dishes only to have them poop on them is getting old fast!
Check out my "boys"!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Goals

As a rule I don't make "New Year's Resolutions" because I almost always break them.  This year, instead of "resolutions", I have set a few goals.
I recently joined an online book club.  I have always loved to read, but don't always spend time on reading.  This book club looked like a good way to motivate myself to read more and spend less time in front of the computer. I have set a goal of 100 books to read this year.  This club's members share their goals and what they are reading and what they rate the books they have read.  It is a good way to learn about authors I haven't read.
Another goal I have set is to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation this year.  I have come close a few times, but Satan always seems to put road blocks in my way.  Not this time!  With God's help I will finish this year.
One more goal I hope to achieve is to pay off some of my larger bills.  I have one I should pay off in May.  Then I can concentrate on paying some of the others off.  Like I have told a few people, some of my debt was brought on by bad choices on my part and others thrust upon me by circumstances I couldn't control.
I have not been making cards or jewelry lately.  I hope once I get some bills paid off, I can afford to buy some new jewelry supplies.  I really want to try my hand at memory wire.
I hope I can do some festivals this year if I can find someone willing to help me.  We will see how it works out.