Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life With Daisy

Daisy went to the shelter last Friday for another one of her "baby" shots and then to Dr. Bob because she has some sore places on her leg, face and under one arm.  Turns out to be ring worm.  Ugh!  More than likely got it from the cat.  So, $96+ later I have shampoo, pills and ointment to treat her and the cat with every day and shampoo 2x a week.  I think (and hope) the cat is gone.  I haven't seen him for over 24 hours.  It will save me the hassle of getting someone to take him to the shelter.  I am afraid either he or Daisy will get hurt the way they rough house.  Not to mention I can't afford both of them!  And he is bad about laying down right where I am trying to walk.  I have almost fallen because of him.  He runs in every time the door is open.
Daisy is suppose to be a Jack Russell/Pug.  Sometimes I see Pug in her and other times not so much.  Doesn't matter to me!  She is cute and sweet and smart.  That's all that counts!

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