Friday, August 17, 2012

Daisy Take A Bath

So, Dr. Bob said to give Daisy a bath 2x a week with the medicated shampoo.  Today was the fourth shampooing.  I thought maybe she would be use to it by now.  That's what I get for thinking!  You would have thought I was drowning her from the crying and trying to get away from me.  To make matters worse, the direction say to leave on for 5 Minutes!  Those are the longest minutes of the day.  :(  Then comes the rinsing.  I used more shampoo than I needed to because it wasn't lathering up like it needed to be.  It felt like I never would get her rinsed off.  Try holding a squirming puppy by the collar, pour water all over her, rubbing to make sure the shampoo is out all the time telling her it is going to be ok.  Loads of fun!  Then after I took my bath, I had to put the ointment on the sore places.  Yet another battle!  They are looking much better, so all of the work is worth it.
Day 3 of not seeing the cat.  Think he may be gone for good.  I didn't want anything bad to happen to him, but glad he is gone.  It saves me the trouble of getting rid of him.

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