Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daisy's 2nd Visit With Dr. Bob

So, yesterday was Daisy's second visit with Dr. Bob.  She did much better this time.  She only whimpered a little when he got a stool sample and then again once when he was trimming her nails.  She 2 shots and will go back in 3 weeks for another shot.  She is up to 9.6 #'s and is doing great.  The ringworm is almost gone.  But, Dr. Bob did say to keep treating her for it.  Got tickled at Dr. Bob misunderstanding me about the shampoo he gave me to use on Daisy.  I asked him if he had ever used it himself meaning on an animal.  He thought I meant had he ever bathed or shampooed himself with it.  :D  I cleared it up quickly and told him about finding out the hard way that it doesn't really lather much.  I used way too much and nearly never got it all rinsed out.  To make it worse, Daisy's coat seems to hold the soap.  She did better with her bath last time, though.  She only got impatient when it was taking too long to get the soap off of her.  I will have to remember to not use as much next time.

Gave her the heart-worm pill yesterday.  So glad she took it w/o a fight.  She just crunched it up like it was treat.  Glad the makers of it made it tasty to dogs!  Will find out how expensive they are when I take her in next time.  That one was free.  It is probably going to be high $ because it takes care of all of it; fleas, ticks, worms of all kinds.  I may have to see if Dr. Bob will sell me one a month.  Oh well, I will worry about it later.

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