Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts and Feelings

I added a new item to my shop this afternoon.  It is a collection of Elvis albums.  You will receive 4 different 33s.  Here is the link:  It includes comments from fans, Elvis' father and much more!  Check it out.
Well, unless something drastic happens to stop me, I will be putting my shop on vacation starting the first week of June and I am not sure when it will reopen.  I will also be without internet during that time but, hope to be able to update blog ever once in awhile.
Lack of sales and little income is causing me to have to cut back on "luxeries" such as internet.  Once I have paid off some bills (if I live that long), I will be back with many new items for my shop.
In the meantime, use Vacation20 for 20% off in my shop from now until June 3rd.  Please let your friends know!

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