Friday, June 24, 2011

Pearl's Manicure and Pedicure

I finally cornered Pearl in the bedroom and worked on her claws.  Poor baby, she acted like I was cutting her leg off but never even whimpered.  I got a little cut off of each I think.  I am afraid of cutting them too short and hurting her.  I desperately need to make some sales so I can afford to take her to the vet.  And I can afford to get my hair cut.  It is so long and hot!
I am so pleased with the way my first canvas drawing turned out.  Now, I need some unscented hairspray to set it so it won't smudge.  Haven't decided whether to put up for sell or not.  Just because I like it doesn't mean it is really any good.  I know it isn't as good as a lot of people on etsy.  But, I haven't really been trying my hand at drawing for very long.  I would love to take some art classes just for fun.  Nothing too demanding, just to get ideas and suggestions on ways to improve my attempts.  No nude people, though!  Afraid they might ask me to take a turn at posing and that would be a disaster!  I would just like to learn to sketch faces and hands.  I would love to also take a photography class and a jewelry class.  I just love learning new things.  That is kind of my "bucket list".  I just want to learn something new every day as long as my brain is working.
Daddy's only living sister called this evening.  She is the baby out of 9 children.  Aunt Mary has Alzheimer and sometimes forgets who she is talking to almost immediately.  Tonight was bad.  Made me so sad because I miss Daddy and Mama so much.  I have no one to talk to about Daddy when he was younger.
That is why I want to try and record as many memories of Mama as everyone can tell me.  I am still waiting on some people to tell me their memories.
Guess I need to remind them.
Someone on Etsy sent me some beautiful blue beads for free because she is closing that shop.  I am trying to decide what I want to make with them.
I was looking at what is "Hot" this season and it is the big holed beads on the chain.  I love the look and want to order some.  I made a wish list that totaled about $200.  Better get busy and do some huge sales. 
So, if you have read this far Thanks and hurry over to my shop and buy something!  :D!

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