Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think most of us have at least one secret that we have kept for maybe years.  Are we keeping it to "protect" ourself or someone we love?
Hard to say, sometimes.  If we are keeping it to protect someone is someone else being hurt by not knowing the truth?  Usually.
But, some secrets are actually facts that being shared will benefit everyone who knows.  And harm no one in the process!  I wonder if those of you who have "secrets" about having a large following on your blog and are successful estians (as in large sales) can share some of your secrets with those of us who are struggling to get noticed?
I feel like I often did as a child.  Being short all of my life, I often felt like I was hidden behind all of the tall and loud-mouthed kids my age.  Usualy, the only time I was noticed by other kids was to tease.  I realize now that most of those kids were just acting out because they were insecure or maybe coming from a miserable home life.  Ofcourse, there was always one kid who did the tormenting out of pure meaness!  Sad fact is that he carried that through to his college years.  I haven't seen him since telling him to "grow up".  I wonder if he ever took my advice?

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