Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rambling Thoughts

Sitting here thinking about how truly blessed I am!  Dear Lord, forgive me when I fail to be greatful for the "things" I have and also greatful for some of the "things" I don't.
Life is so fragile.  I spent Easter Sunday with friends.  Two of the most precious people I know are a mama and little boy.  The little boy has been fighting brain cancer for over two years and now is mama has been told she has stage 3 breast cancer.  And another friend was there who was in a horrible accident a year ago that most people would not have lived through.  He is a walking breathing miracle!  Although, he is in constant pain and is still struggling to heal, he praises God for every breath and for allowing him to live.  He always has a warm hug and kind word.  He knows God allowed him to live to see his boys grow a little more and for him to serve Him.
I am greatful for every sale I make with my shop.  I am greatful God has given me the chance to be a witness through my shop while doing something I enjoy.
I am greatful for every step God allows me to take because I have friends who can't walk.  While my back hurts most of the time I am able to tolerate the pain most of the time and when it gets too bad I have a doctor who understands and finds a way to help.
I am greatful I have friends who support my efforts and encourage me when I am down.
I am greatful for my little Pearl.  She is my sweetheart and is always happy to see me when I walk in the room.

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