Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My church began a revival y'day morning.  Dr. Bill Robertson is our speaker.  He is awesome.  If you can sit through his messages and not feel convicted to live a more Christ-like life, you are in deep trouble.  The Holy Spirit was definitely in the church tonight.  Alot of alter visits.  I wish I could get down and get back up.  I would have been there myself.  I guess if Jonathan did it I should have at least tried.  Trouble is I don't have family there to get me up.
My heart hurts for him.  He has been through so much and still has more to come.  And his family is so precious to me.
And I hurt for Annette and Dawson.  I am praying for miracles for all of them.
I am also praying for my shop to catch on and keep me busy restocking it.  I need to get photo ink so I can be printing and trying to sell them.
I hope to be able to do some markets this summer.  I wish I had someone who would like to share a booth with me.
I would love to be able to do Natchitoches on the river front.

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