Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I get so tired of people who only think they know me feel like it gives them the right to give unwanted or solicited advice.  People do not understand how I feel about moving to town or into a nursing home.  First of all why would I want to go back to paying rent when I don't have to?  And why should I take up space in a nursing home when there are so many people who actually don't have a choice and need to be there.  And yes, I know my health isn't great but, not many people I know can say theirs is any better.  I have seen people go in there with their right mind and within a few weeks they barely know their own name.  For me it would not even be that long.  I know I would literally go crazy in one of those places.  I like being able to sleep when I want to and eat when and what I want to even if that means ice cream for supper ever once in awhile.  It isn't going to kill me.  I like being able to snuggle up with Pearl and watch TV or just sit and stare into space.  I like sitting outside when the weather is nice and listening to birds and other animal noises.
Bottom line is I am happy where I am at.  People don't have to agree with my choices, but they need to respect them.

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