Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Pray When Your Heart Is Breaking

My little hero Dawson is in Dallas Children's Hospital.  He was admitted this morning.  He is not doing very well.  He can't use his arm and is in pain.  I am afraid that he is losing his fight.  I see him slipping more and more each time I see him.  I wish I understood why God is allowing this to happen to such a sweet child who loves Him.  I asked Bro. Wayne one time if the Bible tells us we aren't to ask God "Why" as so many people think.  He told me that God does not mind us asking Him why.  We are just not to question His authority to do what he does.  I was glad to hear that and find comfort in it.  I have asked God "Why" about a lot of things lately.  Like; why did Evelyn have to die?  Why are Annette and Dawson having to suffer so much?  Why is there a disease like cancer in the first place?  Why can I not catch a break and start making some big sales in my shops?  How can I improve my business and still keep it God focused?  What does He want me to do to serve Him this church year?  I felt Him leading me to give the card ministry to Mrs. D.  So, what does He want me to do now?  I will try to keep my heart open to hear Him when He speaks.  In the meantime I will continue to pray for Dawson and Annette.

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