Thursday, September 1, 2011


I was diagnosed with ulcers years ago and have been on medication for them ever since.  My irritated/red/ulcered stomach comes from the meds I have had to take to control my severe asthma.  It is a vicious cycle which most of the time I can control.  Well, right now my stomach is hacked off at me big time.  I have been without my Nexium for a while now because of insurance not wanting to pay for it without an override from Doc.  Well, I got that or it was sent to Robby.  That was Monday and this is Thursday and I haven't seen it yet.  I really hate when government offices can decide what a patient needs and will receive.
And there are people out there who think Obama's health reform is a good thing.  Uh, excuse me!  But, do you really want Socialized Health Care?  Think about it before you answer.  Ever been in a "Government' run hospital either as a visitor or patient?  Did you see people, some critically ill or disabled, waiting literally all day to be seen by a doctor?  If we end up with Socialized Health Care that is what you will be doing yourself.  Have an existing health condition?  Are you over 65?  Then you better get ready to not receive the care you need when you need it.
I thank God that I have the doctor I have who isn't afraid to do what it is necessary to keep me as healthy as possible.  But, even he gets tired of the red tape it takes just to get a Rx filled when a patient needs it.  And so do I.

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