Monday, August 29, 2011

Exciting News

A friend has hooked me up with a shop in Texas who has agreed to take some of my items to sell.  I have a good feeling about this and think this may open doors to other places.  I have been going through my items and those that aren't listed in either online shop I am taking to her.  I really don't know how much she wants so I am going with a lot and what she doesn't want I will bring home and list in my zibbet shop.  I am taking some of my business cards as well.  I figure it won't hurt and maybe someone who likes my stuff will place a custom order.
I just finished signing and laminating some photos that I am going to take too.  I need to decide how much to charge for them.  Hard to say really.  I know what it costs me and the time to a certain extent but, not sure I should use that formula to price them.  I will figure it out before Friday.
Plan on taking some of my cards.  I need to make some Fall cards.  Lots to do and think about before Friday.

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