Thursday, August 18, 2011


After not having a sale since July 2nd I got a sale for 2 items.  The buyer is a friend from my childhood.  I think we met in 3rd or 4th grade.  Anyway, I am just so happy to see that my shop is still getting sales.
I have been doing Climb to Fame and other events to get more likes.  But, I am stopping for now because FB has decided they don't like it and if they catch you, they will shut you down and in essence kill your business page.  So, I am back to working on getting fans other ways.
I have joined SamplerVillage and have agreed to send 25 mini Thanksgiving/Christmas themed mini cards for the give away.  I am not real sure how this works but, I will give it a go this time.  If it gets me sales good, if not, lesson learned and I will move on.
The weather is here is unbearably hot.  We went through a brief shower on the way to church last night.  Got to the church and there was no rain and when I got home there was no rain.  Everything has died and the yard crunches when you walk on it.
Praying for rain to refresh the land.  The lake level is dangerously low and considering it is the main source of drinking water in this area that is scary.  They are telling people not to waste water by washing vehicles or watering their yards.
Pray for rain.

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