Thursday, November 10, 2011


My little hero, Dawson Lowe went Home to be with his Lord and Savior shortly after 11 last Tuesday morning.  We said our final goodbyes for now to him in the Florien High School Gym Thursday afternoon.  His services were held there for several reasons but, the main reason was it was the only place big enough to hold the crowd who came.  It was estimated between 2 and 3 hundred people were there to pay their final respects.  Dawson may have only been on this earth for 10 years, but he touched more people from more walks of life than most people who live 10X as long.  There were medical people, kids, elderly, coaches, teachers, business people and bikers filing by to pay respect for the little boy who loved life and to make people laugh.  Tears were shed and some laughs as the coaches shared stories of coaching the little boy who loved baseball.  I heard more than one person say that Dawson taught them so much about life.
I know he taught me faith and courage and hope, even when the odds are against you.  He taught me to play hard and laugh often.  He taught me to hug whenever given the chance and never miss telling someone you love them.  He taught me that is ok to get tired and need to rest.  But, after the rest, get up and play even harder.  I will try to remember all that he taught me.  I know when I get to Heaven he will be there to meet me with all of my other loved ones.  And I won't be surprised if he has a baseball bat on one shoulder and a glove on the other hand.

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