Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just thinking

I am sitting here listening to the radio (a gift from my cousin inlaw) and thinking about music and how it has changed over the years and yet stayed the same.  Most of the voices sound alike and as tone deaf as I am, all of the melodies sound pretty much alike.  I love hearing Reba and Randy and another guy whose name escapes me for the moment.  Randy sings songs from the heart and so does Reba.  Today, most "singers" seem to start their songs by either mumbling or screaming and continue doing so until the last note.   What is the point?  Am I the only one whose brain shuts down when someone is screaming?
I think about a preacher that was filling in at my church once.  He started his message screaming and he finished still screaming.  I don't have a clue what he preached!  Not one word!  All I can remember about it was trying to remember how to do CPR!  Because, I was sure he was going to have a heartattack if he kept on.
I am in the process of putting some of my photographs on another website to see if I can get sells.  I get alot of positive feedback on them.  I wish I knew what would turn the compliments into sales.  If someone reading this has a suggestion please tell me.
Spring is coming up.  I wish I had someone to help with booths at the different fairs coming up.  I miss having John here to help me.  Wish I could think of someone who might would like to do a booth together.  Maybe, I will think of someone before then.

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